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claimamerchboy's Journal

Merch boys need love too
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We all know the Merch Boys. When we go to shows they give us our t-shirts, they give us our stickers, sometimes they hang out with us and bring us much merriment...but very infrequently do you hear someone actually give praise to the Merch Boy.

And the rules...

1) Your merch boy cannot be previously claimed unless the person who claimed them has dropped their claim. The list doesn't always get updated promptly, so it's your responsibility to go back and make sure he's yours for the taking.
2) You must make a post stating who you claim. Not a comment, a post.
3) Nobody else can make the afforementioned post for you.
4) One claim per person. That means one merch boy, or one roadie, or one merch girl, etc. Just one.
5) It's alright to claim a band member that has their own clothing line, just as it is alright to claim the person that runs their clothing line (Ex. Josh Madden/Made Clothing, Steve Sievers/Level 27, etc.)
6) Roadies are cool, too.
7) To have your claim honoured, you must stay a member of the community after having made the claim.
8) Local merch boys and roadies are alright.
9) Banners are always nice. Not required, but nice.
10) You may not claim a band member that ocassionally sells merch. To claim a band member go to rockstar_claims or a community of the like.
11) Phil who does the merch for Mest is considered to be an asshole by the moderators of this community. Be forewarned that if you try and claim him we will let you have him, but we're also going to try and talk you out of it.
12) No switching claims. End of story.
13) The Only rule that applies to the mods is number 14. It's our community, we'll do as we like.
14) Have fun ;P

The Claimed List

takethepieces-- A Thorn For Every Heart/Vincent
squeakytoy-- AFI/Smith Puget
nikfi-- AFI/Fritch
angryme-- All American Rejects/Andy
_soldyourguitar-- Alkaline Trio/Heather
hergunfight-- Alkaline Trio/Nolan
nortorrific-- Antidote Apparel/Greg Wood
frequency7-- Anti Flag/Bear
glitter_stars-- The Ataris/Chet
pretty_violence-- Authority Zero/Saddy
evilpoptartjess-- Autopilot Off/Josh Stern
apopunkshowdown-- Autopilot Off/James Marsden
xclamationpoint-- Count the Stars/Eric Tobin
sweetchick512-- Bayside/Dre
joelnbenjisgurl-- Bigwig/Adam
caitielove-- Brand New/Dan Cappuzzo
poisonoak-- Bright Eyes/Mike
love_endures-- Bright Eyes/Denver Dalley
heartofyoursins-- Deadstar Assembly/Ilya
saytheword-- The Dissenters/John
lucky_star85-- Drive Thru/David
omgstephanie-- Drive Thru/Justin
sameasyesterday-- Early November/Rob
icybluesmile-- Early November/PJ thepeejatron
_save_me-- Early November/Ultra Bill
___xaxshadowsx-- Eighteen Visions/Dudley
mellythepunk-- Embrace Today/Mike Long
l3ssthanz3r0-- Explosion/Jared
an_angelic_lie-- The Fags/Tom
x_x_fighter_x_x-- The Fags/Sean Pigeon
nfgsum41-- Fake ID + The Drive/Greg
pinkpoweranger7-- Fall Out Boy/Jordan
hatvsemovspunk-- Fall Out Boy/Annabelle
sidzlittlenancy-- Further Seems Forever/Jordan
handle_this-- Gob/Anthony
lostonex2-- Greyfield/Jon Miller
xglossyxgirlx-- Halifax/Jeremy
omgstephanie-- Halifax/Todd
brebabe341-- Hawthorne Heights/Dan
dizliz789-- Hey Mercedes/Dave
swing_the_micx-- Hidden In Plain View/Unknown Merch Man
omgstephanie-- Hidden In Plain View/Nate
invisible_kiss-- Himsa (former)/Shane Hellmuth
fluxy_2535-- Hot Rod Circuit/Jake
unbornbutterfly-- Imprint/Mike
canustakemyhart-- JamisonParker/John
deadsilent-- Juliana Theory/Jason
cornflakegirl56-- Level 27 Clothing/Billy Martin
omgstephanie-- Level 27 Clothing/Steve Sievers
fairytale-- Lucky Boys Confusion/John
xxdefectgirlxx-- Lucky Boys Confusion/Rizzo
mboxx20-- Lucky Boys Confusion/Busse
calidreamerinva-- Made Clothing/Josh Madden
sickgurl-- Made Clothing/Joel Madden
rancid_milk222-- Made Clothing/Benji Madden
xxpaidtosmilexx-- Matchbook Romance/Dirty
iheartaboy00-- The Matches/Robbie
sicksuicide-- The Matches/Shawn
punkie_rocker-- Mest (former)/John
kissxbangrevnge-- Midtown/Dan
secondtolast-- Moneen/Harris
change_of_scene-- Motion City Soundtrack/Rich
winjac42-- The Movielife/Unknown
omgstephanie-- The Movielife/Bob
xunauthorized-- NHOI/Edgar
deadawake-- NHOI/Bruce
kittiekymmee-- NHOI/Kyle
omgstephanie-- Nightmare Of You/Casey
hippielove5463-- Northstar/Unknown Merch Man
xxpinkstarsxx-- Ozma/Lisa
omgstephanie-- Plain White T's (Former)/Joel
izzygurl1218-- Punchline/Nightbeast
sanriosweetie-- Rancid/Toscan
jix1125-- Rasputina/Robbie
flynna-- The Recieving End of Sirens/Chris
alkalinerinnie-- Riddlin Kids (Former)/Double J
keywepie-- The Rocket Summer (Former)/Brad
leftcoastpunx-- Roses Are Red/Boner
im_rad27-- Roses Are Red (Former)/Greg
bl00dyvalentine-- Rufio/Jordan
sickgurl-- Senses Fail (Former)/Shawn
imsolastsummer-- Senses Fail (Former)/Nick
omgstephanie-- Simple Plan (former)/Patrick
mia246-- Simple Plan/Don
leoceanic7-- Simple Plan (former)/Hoogie
omgstephanie-- Socratic (Former)/Mike King
rainrockstar-- Something Corporate/Tad Dixon
munkygurl421-- Something Corporate/Casey
something_c-- Something Corporate/Kevin
bttrflyk8-- Something Corporate/Andy
static_inmyhead-- Spitalfield/Joe
losexthexgirl-- The Starting Line/Matt Geyer
knivesreallykil-- Story of the Year/Joel
usedsocks-- Story of the Year/Mark
xthe_last_kissx-- Stutterfly/Boy with black and red hair
pinkerdot-- Suburban Legends/Scott Barrett
scarred_remains-- Sugarcult/Michelle
toothpastefury-- Tabula Rasa/Unknown
plasticandfake-- Taking Back Sunday/Floyd
goodglory-- tHrOnE/Arthur
_ewww_-- Throwndown/Johnson
itzmeerin-- Toothpick/Tim
jedijournal-- Wonderlove/Lisa
hopeless_scitz-- Unsung Zeros/Matt
starrieeyedsin-- The Used (former)/Spike
soldoutstarr-- The Used/Unknown shaggy haired boy
nichele27-- Voodoo Glow skulls/Vinnie
silentemochick-- The Youth Ahead/Unknown
xretardx-- Zebrahead/Mike

Your friendly claimamerchboy moderators are:

jodizzle jodi!
omgstephanie Steph
sickgurl erin Indie
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